Computer Systems

Custom Computer Systems with Remote Support

Computer Systems

Indian Creek supplies custom built computers available with Linux Mint OS, Manjaro OS, and multiple hardware options. We have been building these systems for over fifteen years for both office and personal use. These are the computers we use.



Linux Mint Desktop - Panel at Bottom

Linux Mint - Menu at Bottom

Manjaro - Menu at Top

Manjaro Desktop - Panel at Top


These systems require no anti-virus software as they cannot be infected by common circulating viruses and malware. Plus, they perform with a level of stability well beyond Windows based systems. Current distros being used for builds and conversions are the Desktop Editions of Manjaro and Linux Mint.

Both Manjaro and Linux Mint have a clean, traditional menu-driven desktop with no in-your-face advertising and apps. Many standard programs are pre-installed with tens of thousands additional programs, games and utilities available at no cost. Any of this additional software can be installed with a single mouse click.


When updates for system components and/or any installed software become available, they are automatically queued for the user to install with a single click and password authentication. No updates take place at random times, without authentication or with no notification.


Manjaro is a 'rolling release' distro which upgrades to new release versions via the updates process.

Linux Mint is a 'point release' distro which has a built in upgrade function when the current release version comes to an end. The current version (Linux Mint 21) is a LTS (Long Term Support) version with automatic updates supplied into 2027.

Remote Access

All builds come with remote access capability. This is an excellent tool for efficiently helping people as we can show things on the user local screen as if we were there in person.

When you call us for tech support, you can launch the remote access program, which will let us open a session to your computer.

As a security measure, remote access cannot function unless you start the program from your desktop, verbally supply the displayed nine digit code, and 'accept' the incoming connection. Once you close the utility, the remote session is disconnected.


Over the past several years, in addition to building new systems, we have converted on many, many computers over to Linux. Often, what appears to be a 'bad' computer (hardware) is just the problem of a poorly functioning OS which the conversion process solves. This consists of backing up any files wished to be saved, wiping the hard drive by installing the the new OS, and restoring the saved files. Most conversions are done on relatively new hardware.

Hardware Options (New)

Upright/vertical enclosures are now available as well as the original flat style 'cigar-box-size' cases. This vertical style enclosure has a very small footprint and can be used on a desk or shelf with limited space.

We continue to use the latest versions of fast, energy efficient ("green") system boards in our builds. Features include multi-video output support, overcurrent / overvoltage protection, and power supplies that typically draw around 50% of the voltage used by a 'standard' PSU, resulting in much cooler case temperatures and longer component life.

Also available now for new builds and upgrades are NVME SSDs (non-volatile memory express solid state drives). These are PCIe based storage devices with read / write speeds up to and exceeding 35x faster than standard 7200 RPM hard drives.